Jaguar Tire Center

Jaguar Monterey Tire Center

While changing your oil, realigning your wheels, and having your brakes checked are vital to your Jaguar's performance and ensure safe driving new tires are the most important part of your Jaguar. Without them you wouldn't get very far and without proper treads on your tires you may not stop in time. New tires are very important but you have to make sure that you get the right tires.


There are many different kinds of tires and it is important to get the right tires for you and your driving habits. There are all-season tires which are great tires for the hot and cold months and provide stability in winter conditions. But if you aren't heading out to the ski resorts this winter all-season tires may not be necessary. Summer tires will work just fine. Summer tires are designed for speed and agility with less grooving and shallower treads. The shallow treads allow for maximum contact and grip with the road while the design of the grooves redirects water to help prevent hydroplaning. There are also performance tires or low profile tires. These tires are most commonly used on sport cars and sedans because they can handle higher speeds and corning. Performance tires also have stiffer sidewalls which can result in a less forgiving ride sometimes. These tires are made from soft rubber which means that they will wear down faster than other tires.


Not sure what tires your Jaguar F-Type or XE need? No worries! Just give our parts department a call at 888-482-9818 or stop by and see us. Jaguar Monterey is located at 1711 Del Mont Blvd. in Seaside, CA.