To Buy or To Lease A Jaguar?

So, you've found that perfect Jaguar, and you can't wait to drive it off the lot and show it off. There's just one thing you have to figure out first: do you want to buy it, or lease it? While we offer several great finance and leasing deals on our Jaguars, the right choice really comes down to your driving preferences, as well as cost differences.

Buying a Jaguar

The perks about buying a Jaguar--or any car, really--is that once you drive it off the lot, and pay every payment, that wonderful vehicle is now yours for as long as you want. You can drive it as far and as long as the road, and its parts will let you. While leasing will give you a limited allowance of miles you can cover over the few years you have it.

Going over that mileage allowance will also result in fines as much as 25 cents per extra mile on a lease. Leasing can also result in fees if you return the Jaguar with noticeable wear and tear. When you buy the Jaguar, it's yours. You don't have to worry about any of those restrictions you find with leasing.

Leasing a Jaguar

But ask yourself how much you want to drive this Jaguar, and how long you want to keep it. If you're looking to drive less than 12,000 miles a year, and you don't think you want to keep it for more than three years, then it might be the better to lease. Leasing deals usually last for around three years and 36,000 miles.

Beyond the time and mileage restriction, leasing a vehicle also provides some benefits. The down payment and monthly rates are lower than what you would have to pay if you bought the vehicles. The vehicle remains under warranty throughout the lease, making service costs far less than if you owned the vehicle. And when you return the vehicle, you have the choice to release it, buy it, or lease another vehicle, giving you three years with this particular car to decide if it's what you really want.

Come Visit Our Seaside Dealership

But before you have to make this decision, you must first pick out your new Jaguar. The best way to get acquainted with your new Jaguar is by sliding into the driver's seat. So, come to our dealership, and give it a test drive. We proudly sell and lease Jaguars to the drivers of Monterey, Seaside, Salinas, and Santa Cruz.



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