Discover How the Jaguar XF Matches up to the BMW M5

If you're looking for a performance-oriented luxury sedan in the Monterey Ca area, your choices are pretty much going to be between a Jaguar and a BMW -- specifically, the Jaguar XF and the BMW M5. Each has its own virtues, to be sure, but we firmly believe that the Jaguar XF offers the most ideal blend of performance, style, luxury, and value for our Seaside, Salinas, and Santa Cruz CA customers.


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While it may not seem important when we're talking about premium sedans, the Jaguar is significantly more affordable than is the BMW. When you add in the fact that the Jaguar XF achieves better EPA-estimated fuel economy than does the M5, and those savings multiply significantly over your ownership period.

While it's true that the M5 delivers more performance than the Jaguar XF makes, the difference really only shows up if you take to the race track. When driving in local traffic, you'll find that the Jaguar XF has all the horsepower and torque that you need.

Interestingly, the Jaguar XF offers the better warranty plans of the two vehicles. With the Jaguar XF, you get a 5/year/60,000-mile basic new car limited warranty, 5-year/60,000-mile drivetrain warranty, and 5-year/60,000-mile roadside assistance coverage. BMW's warranties only cover 4 years and 50,000 miles, with a roadside assistance plan that stops protecting you after four years.

To explore the Jaguar XF in person, drop by our showroom at 1711 Del Monte Boulevard in Seaside. We're an easy drive for our customers from the Monterey CA, Salinas, and Santa Cruz CA areas.

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