Is a Jaguar Model Expensive to Maintain?

This is another frequently asked question that Jaguar as a brand receives and one that tends to turn people off to buying one. When you buy a Jaguar, you're typically looking for the best we can offer in terms of luxurious comfort, high-tech conveniences and speed capabilities. If you want to maintain attributes such as these and allow your Jaguar to keep running at its optimal performance, then monthly or by-mile maintenance plans are the best route to go to ensure your car stays looking its best.

Help is Here

However, in an effort to reduce some overall costs, Jaguar Monterey offers a few prepaid maintenance wear and tear plans to keep you Jaguar looking and feeling its best. Our prepaid maintenance plans can save you up to 25 percent on service costs when you come in and have all necessary service work done at once, rather than paying for each service as it comes along. These maintenance plans can either be bought at your first scheduled service appointment or added on to the cost of your vehicle when you purchase it.

Maintaining Your Vehicle Affects Its Value

Keeping a regular maintenance plan on your Jaguar vehicle is essential to maintaining the car's quality of life and could potentially impact its resale value when it comes time to trade it in or sell it. Here at Jaguar Monterey, your vehicle will be given the best service and maintenance it can by our expertly-trained Jaguar technicians who use only genuine Jaguar Parts and Castrol Synthetic Oil, all to keep your car running as long as possible. So, schedule an appointment to have your car serviced today! The form can be filled out online right from your home computer and someone from our store will be in touch to confirm your appointment. Don't wait, maintain your Jaguar today!

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